The beach

Soft and welcoming, with the golden and ochre shades of the finest sand, the beach at Lignano Sabbiadoro is warm and pampering, a pleasure to lie on and soak up the heat.

From Sabbiadoro, where the beach is synonymous with energy – perfect for those looking for an active holiday filled with wellbeing – to the Pine Forest, with its entertainment and arts activities and the Riviera, the ideal place for those who love relaxation and sunbathing, the beach in Lignano is waiting to be discovered.

Sabbiadoro has around 4 km of spacious beach area that offers visitors dozens of sports and entertainment for all ages, with the Beach eMotion programme: lots of free events for fun and excitement on the beach, where you can practise sports and where children can play in complete safety.

Across the whole beach from June to September there are dance classes, organised bike rides and lots of water sports.

Also, in the centre of the Sabbiadoro beach area, between lidos 6 and 7, there is the new Beach Village, an innovative, multifunctional structure open from dawn to dusk. The daytime programme ranges from sports to entertainment, with a wide range of events for all ages. In the evening the Beach Arena is filled with light and sound, with dance, theatre performances, music and entertainment.

The Pine Forest
,the central part of the peninsula, combines sport and beach activities with arts.

There are 9 lidos along the beach, seven of which have bars and are connected by a walkway with a panoramic view over the beach. For fun on the beach – as well as the entertainment for adults and children – you can enjoy water sports from the pier over the sea and have swimming and windsurfing lessons. The Pine Forest also offers art and culture: from June to September every Thursday afternoon at 6.30 pm there is the “Meetings with Authors and Wine Tasting” event, which combines the presentation of a book by a well-known author with regional wine tasting.

The Riviera is a pleasant combination of beach and a 100-year-old pine forest that offers a regenerating holiday for both body and mind.

The beach has around 3000 well-spaced beach umbrellas. The facilities have been completely renovated and improvements are made every year. To maintain the conditions needed for the Blue Flag Award the beach is cleaned daily and separate waste collection also takes place every day. 
The first lido offers special VIP services just waiting to be discovered and with next to it the “Ethnic Area” with themed beach umbrellas and facilities.

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