The nature

Nature and the lagoon in Marano

Nature is the undisputed protagonist of a holiday in Lignano.

The peninsula, waiting to be discovered on an invigorating bike ride, has one of the largest, most luxuriant pine forests in Northern Italy.

Town park offers lots of opportunities for various kinds of sports in all seasons. 


Lignano Sabbiadoro is set between the enchanting sea and the magical lagoon, with its natural reserves. The Marano Lagoon is an extraordinary area between dry land and the sea and is the most northerly lagoon system in the whole of the Mediterranean.

It is protected from the sea by a coastline that both separates and shelters it from the waves. This creates one of its special features: even when there is strong wind or a choppy sea the lagoon is always extremely calm and peaceful – a serene body of water with many barene (sandbanks) and velme (sandy lowlands with no vegetation that are normally submerged, but which can be seen at very low tide). It is a true area of transition between the sea and the land.

The feature of this lagoon is that the saline level varies a great deal from area to area. Here there are many resurgent rivers (waterways that disappear under the gravel and re-emerge in the clay just a short distance from the sea) that add a considerable amount of freshwater. But the lagoon is also connected to the sea through the mouths of the port, making the Marano Lagoon a real ‘reservoir’ of extremely varied life forms.

You can visit two nature reserves: the Mouth of the River Stella Regional Nature Reserve, the loveliest resurgent river, and the Canal Novo Valley Nature Reserve. The latter is easy to reach via land, while the former can only be visited by water. To discover the beauty of the natural environment you can also visit the village of the casoni, the fishermen’s huts built of marsh reeds that have often been the backdrop for film scenes and photo shoots.


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