The city of Trieste stands out over the blue sea and sky on the furthest patch of the Italian Adriatic and appears like a last Mediterranean mirage for those following this northern stretch of the coast; Trieste’s originality and diversity are brought together in street after street, squares and palaces which almost entirely retain their testimony to Roman, Venetian and above all Austro-Hungarian architecture.

The crossroads of culture that animate this Julian regional capital are expressed through a rich and extremely varied museum network, a large number of cafés (meeting places for all walks of life) and literary thoroughfares where you can relive the experiences of the various Svevo, Saba and Joyces.

Food and drink that characterise this area will satisfy wine lovers as well as all the territory’s specialities such as minestrone, fish, shellfish, oils and desserts.

The urban pedestrian itinerary cannot prescind the old city, dominated by the San Giusto hills, from the Teresiano “borgo” with the most modern part of the city, and obviously the most natural starting point is Piazza Unità, the largest square in Europe which overlooks the sea.

The surrounding areas of the city offer numerous entertainment and exploration possibilities such as the majestic Duino and Miramare castles, the Gulf with its little beaches and the port of Muggia, the Grotta Gigante, a tourist cavity without equal anywhere in the world, and the green Karstic highlands which run alongside the Coast.
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