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Espressionism Exposition

Locality: Codroipo;
Location: Villa Manin
Category: Mostra;
Data: Fino a Domenica 4 Marzo 2012
Advised for: Everybody

For the first time in Italy an exhibition, curated by Magdalena Moeller and Marco Goldin and displaying over 100 paintings and documents, all coming from Berlin's Brücke Museum, tells in a precise way, according to a chronological survey and proceeding by almost monographic areas, from Kirchner to Heckel, from Nolde to Schmidt-Rottluff, from Pechstein to Mueller, the birth and the development of the movement called "Die Brücke", the founding stone of Expressionism.

The movement "Die Brücke" aimed at translating into works of art the objects perceived "in a direct way and without falsifications", free from any academic convention.

Their broadest aim was to transfer innovative ideas and unconventional attitudes to everyday life, thus breaking the narrow-minded course of the rigid social rules of the Wilhelminian Era.

Kirchner and Nolde's results are probably those which remain more consistent with and closer to expressionist poetics. Kirchner's style is increasingly dramatic, with violent deformations and convulsive rhythms. Nolde further develops the dramatic element reaching a grotesque, caricatural picture of the human figure, characterised by a spreading of colour free from composition patterns, given with large brush strokes that almost fray shapes.

As a whole, the works of this movement represent in an exemplary way the initial phase of Expressionism before the First World War. With their bold colours and a series of anti-conventional and stylized images, these works reveal a particular vitality and an ecstatic energy that still charms contemporary observers. With a strong adhesion to the landscape. The exhibition "Expressionism" documents a varied artistic creativity within this revolutionary group. The exhibition will be held at Villa Manin from 24th September 2011 to 4th March 2012 and is the third stage of the long-term project, devised and curated by Marco Goldin, called "Geografie dell'Europa" (Geographies of Europe).

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