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Address: ARCO DEL MAESTRALE Zone: Lignano Pineta
Persons: 6-7
From the see: n.d.
From the centre: n.d.
Agenzia Renato Bèlanger
Address: Arco del Libeccio, 3/a
Telephone: 00390431428833
Fax: 00390431428834
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Standards with reference to the renting of holiday homes which regulate the relationships between the holiday home and appartment managers (Tourist Agencies, Real Estate Brokers and Travel & holidays Agencies) which shall hereafter be called operators and the lessees who will from here on be known as guests. The following standards, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall be the basis of relationships between guests and operators. BOOKINGS. Accommodation bookings become binding for the operator only after a deposit of the equivalent of 30% of the agreed rental price for the whole rental period has been accepted. The relative contract as well as the total rental charge, must set out the type of holiday accommodation offered and the relative characteristics. When calculating the rental period, the number of days is equal to the total number of nights. Should the holiday accommodation not be available to the guest in the terms stipulated, and unless other agreements have been made for a substitute form of accommodation, the guest will have the right to claim a refund of double his deposit paid, thus freeing the operator from any other compensation claims. PRICES. The price agreed includes: the holiday accommodation in good order furnished according to its classification and number of beds, the normal consumption of gas, hot and cold water, electricity, taxes and commission, a rapid intervention should small maintenance jobs be necessary. Repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the operator, unless they can be directly attributed to the guest due to the incorrect use of the rented property. Prices do not include: sheets, tablecloths and napkins and any other laundry, cots and the use of equipment such as air-conditioning units the possible introduction of the tourist residence tax and other services if not otherwise agreed in writing with the operator. Arrivals and departures should take place on Saturdays, unless otherwise agreed. Should a property be rented for a period of less that a week, it is the lessors right to ask for a supplement which added to the rental charge is not greater than the weekly tariff. ACCOMMODATION AVAILABILITY. Holiday accommodation will be available from between 16.00 and 19.30 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 09.30 on the day of departure. Arrivals and departures outside these hours must be previously agreed. Guess who have not occupied the holiday accommodation booked by 09.30 on the day after the agreed date of arrival shall be seen as having renounced their booking and the operator shall be free to retain the accommodation deposit and to let the accommodation. In the case of late arrival or anticipated departure, no refund is due. ARRIVAL. To take possession of the holiday accommodation, guests should presents themselves at the operators headquarters, pay the balance agreed, the deposit for any damages (see point 6. deposit for damage), show some form of identity card and declare the number and personal details of those persons occupying the holiday accommodation. WARNINGS. Pets are not allowed in holiday accommodations, if not otherwise indicated in this catalogue. Subletting and/or surplus guests and/or the presence of pets where expressly forbidden, once verified by the operator, will allow him the right to immediately terminate the contract without any refund and will also give him the right to ask for further damages where necessary. Guests will endeavour to use the rented property with the utmost care and shall be responsible for any breakages and/or missing objects attributable to them; equipment malfunction and/or breakages must, however, be immediately reported to the operator. Guests should observe condominium and borough regulations regarding the respect of rest hours and to maintain respectful behaviour in respect to the other families and/or groups of people present in the building (condominium, residence, holiday village); serious non-compliance in this regard will allow the operator to immediately terminate the contract without any refund and will allow him to ask for further damages where necessary. DEPOSIT. The operator will ask for a deposit to be paid as a guarantee for the good upkeep of the holiday accommodation and especially for the furnishings and inventary supplied; any differences shall be reported by the guest to the operator before 12.00 on the day after his arrival. RESPONSABILITY. Guests are responsible for their own belongings. The operator is not responsible for any theft or damage to guest’s property kept within the rented holiday accommodation and/or in the area surrounding the same. NOTICE OF CANCELLATION. Notice of cancellation reaching the operator at least 30 days before the beginning of the rental period , will allow for the refund of 50% of the deposit paid; notice of cancellation reaching the operator between the 29th day and the date of arrival will result in the loss of the entire deposit paid. MODIFICATIONS. New national and regional laws coming into force could allow for modifications to these regulations, without any prejudice or claim on behalf of the party undertaking the booking.
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