double room

Address: Via Latisana, 109 Zone: Lignano Sabbiadoro
Persons: 2
From the see: 350 m.
From the centre: 200 m.
Hotel al Ponte
Address: Via Latisana, 109
Telephone: 0039 0431 71325
Fax: 0039 0431 724928
Info: Structure sheet
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Deposit: A deposit has to be paid usually not superior to 20% of the board and lodging sum for the agreed
period and never inferior to one full – day's board. For the hotel-keeper the deposit server as confirmation
while it is of forfait nature for the guest. Cancellation made by the guest 30 days before the beginning date of
the lodging, gives him the right to a refund of 50% of the deposit paid. A cancellation made after this time
means the loss of the deposit paid.
Usual beginning and ending of board and lodging: If no other agreement has been made, the room will be
at the guest's disposal from 2 p.m. of the arrival day and has to be left free by 10.00 a.m. Of leaving day.
No-arrival of the guest on the fixed date: In case of non-arrival of the guest on the fixed date, unless
written proof ( deposit or letter ) the hotel-keeper has to reserve the lodging until 12 p.m. Of the day
following the expected arrival.
Early departure or late arrival of the guest: If no other agreement changing what is mentioned below has
been made, in case of the guest's late arrival or early departure, when not the hotel-keeper's fault, the latter
has the right of full payment. Even if the room is not used, it will remain at the guest's disposal. If the hotelkeeper
lets the room within this period he must reimburse the original guest for the sum corresponding to the
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