4-bedded room superior

Address: Arco del Maestrale, 5 Zone: Lignano Pineta
Family All Inclusive
Persons: 4
From the see: 80 m.
From the centre: 250 m.
Hotel Mediterraneo
Address: Arco del Maestrale, 5
Telephone: +390431422165
Fax: +390431422233
Info: Structure sheet
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The rooms have balcony, shower, WC, hairdryer, telephone, Led sat- TV, safe, air conditioning


Limits of conditions.
The below mentioned rules apply to board and lodging (Regional Law no. 17 of April 18, 1997] and are directly applicable between hotel-keepers and guests, Form of contract. The contract is stipulated orally or by correspondence. Deposit. A deposit has to be paid usually not superior to 20% of the board and lodging sum for the agreed period and never inferior to one full-day's board. For the hotel-keeper the deposit serves as a confirmation while it is of forfeit nature for the guest. Cancellation made by the guest 30 days before the beginning date of the lodging, gives him the right to a refund of 50% of the deposit paid. A cancellation made after this time means a loss of the deposit paid. Usual beginning and ending of board and lodging. If no other agreement has been made the room will be at the guest's disposal from 2 p.m. on the arrival day and has to be left free by 11 a.m. on the leaving day. Board begins with lunch or supper and ends correspondingly with breakfast or lunch on the day of departure. Failure of the hotel-keeper. If the hotel-keeper does not place the agreed room on the agreed date at the guest's disposal, the guest has the right of a double deposit reimbourse-ment, or the reimboursement of the original deposit plus damages, unless no other agreement has been made. Non-arrival of the guest on the fixed date. In case of the non-arrival of the guest on the fixed date, unless there is written proof (a deposit or a letter] the hotel-keeper has to reserve the lodging until 12 a.m. of the day following the expected arrival. Early departure or late arrival of the guest. If no other agreement changing what is mentioned below has been made, in case of the guest's late arrival or early departure when not the hotel-keeper's fault, the latter has the right of full payment. Even if the room is not used if will remain at the guest's disposal. If the hotel-keeper lets the room within this period he must reimbourse the original guest for the sum corresponding to the reoccupied period. Calculation of period of board and lodging. Apart from what is stipulated under beginning and ending of board and lodging, providing that a full-board day includes an overnight stay, breakfast, lunch and supper the calculation of the board and lodging period is as follows: - When the agreed period is expressed with two calendar dates (the first indicating the arrival day and beginning of board and lodging, the second the leaving day), the days of board and lodging are calculated from the arrival day to the day before the departure.
When the agreed period is expressed with only one calendar date (that means the arrival day and beginning of board and lodging) and a number of board and lodging days the guest has the right to make use of overnight stays and board supplies corresponding to the agreed number of board and lodging days and he must pay the corresponding sum. Meals outside the hotel. No discount is applicable when meals are taken outside the hotel. The guest has the right, upon notice, to ask for packed-lunch as replacement, or to have the price of half-board, if available. Other rules. The price for full-boards, half-board and room with breakfast, applies to periods which are no less that 3 days and excludes drinks. There is possibility of agreed price reductions in board and lodging for children sleeping in supplementary beds in their parents' room.
The price of a single room with a supplementary bed (placed upon the guest's request) must never exceed 70% of the maximum price fixed for a double room. If the supplementary bed is placed in a double room the additional charge must not exceed 35% of the room's original price. Whenever a double room is assigned to one person only, its price must not exceed 20% of the maximum price fixed for a single room having the same facilities; the full price will be applied when the double room is requested by one person only. If the hotel has no single rooms, the price of a double room assigned to one person only will not exceed 70% of the room's original price. - In the case of theft or damage the law regulates the responsibility of the hotel-keeper. In the case of disagreement the Counsellor for the Defence of Tourists, assisted by the representative of the relevant tourist association, will make a binding decision after hearing both parties. There is no appeal.
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