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Summer has arrived and it brought along the desire to rush to the beach, feel the soft warm sand under your feet, breathe the scent of the sea and take a dip, dreamed for during all winter, in a clean and welcoming sea. In short, in 7 simple words: there is a desire for Lignano Sabbiadoro!

There are families who have been here for 4 generations and even today the grandparents, and often the great grandparents, choose Lignano Sabbiadoro for their family holidays with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is not summer without a holiday in Lignano. And the secret lies not only in the beauty of the sea, the beach and the nature that surround Lignano, or in the many proposals and activities that can be practiced here, or in the exquisite hospitality of the operators, but also in the air you breathe in Lignano Sabbiadoro: an air with the scent of home, tranquility, family.


Arriving in Lignano Sabbiadoro after a year of absence means finding the same affection and hospitality we have always experienced, with the bonus of some pleasant news. Yes, because in Lignano the services are constantly renewed to offer our guests an excellence that is difficult to find elsewhere, this is a place where experience meets a smile, quality meets beauty, resulting in an unforgettable holiday.


Living a holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro means returning home with double the baggage: the one with which you left, made of clothes and accessories and a less bulky one, but more full-bodied, full of emotions, joy, adventures and memories of happy moments, that will remain indelible in you and will make the waiting for a return for a new holiday more pleasant, in what will become the ideal place for your beach holidays! There are life stories that have been written here and have never been told because they are intimate and jealously guarded. But we are sure that, if among those who lived them there was someone willing to share them, you would be so passionate about them that you would like to retrace them, experiencing the places, landscapes and protagonists of these stories, without losing a comma. How many met in Lignano Sabbiadoro and then chose to live the rest of their life together! How many children here have taken their first steps, have learned how to swim, have discovered the animals at the zoo, have learned to play golf, have enjoyed being carried in rickshaws and, again, have felt happy to spend intense days full of emotions in a unique holiday resort, which in addition to the sea, the beach and the sun, knows how to give a lot more!

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