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One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, Ernest Hemingway, was the first of many illustrious characters in recent history to give prestige to Lignano Sabbiadoro, even before the now famous seaside city was a well known holiday destination. Hemingway loved the lagoon of Lignano, especially the mouths of the Tagliamento river, situated among the reeds, wild pine forests and islets that are timelessly charming.

Hemingway wrote about this city in his famous novel “Across the River and Into the Trees” which the New York Times called “the best and most honest work Hemingway has done”. Those places that now enchant the guests of Lignano Sabbiadoro, especially in the seasons before and after the summer, were also the source of inspiration for the famous writer.

Spring and autumn, but also winter, represent for the guests of this sea-side city an opportunity to discover places, colors, scents and flavors of extraordinary richness. The lagoon of Lignano offers views that we usually admire in the paintings of great masters.


What could you do during this period of the year in Lignano?

After a discovering-nature boat trip, you can enjoy a fish-based lunch in cottages, typical structures, once used by fishermen, now turned into dining venues .

A refreshing walk along the mouth of Tagliamento river, in the westernmost part of Lignano, could give you, both in spring and autumn, a breathtaking natural scenery: its pine forest dating back to 1600, rows of holm oaks on the promenade, black pines, linden trees, Siberian elms, birches, plane trees and chestnut trees.

Choosing Lignano Sabbiadoro during the Summer means sun, sea, fun, joy, while, in other seasons, this place has a completely different flavor, equally beautiful and exciting. Healthy activities in the open air, relax: satisfaction for the spirit and for the body. Regenerate yourself in a riot of colors: in autumn with the blue sky, the blue sea, all the shades of yellow and red, which then leave room for the bright green of the spring. Even winter has its charm and deserves a chapter of its own.


With a little bit of cold Lignano Sabbiadoro will capture all your attention anyway: come and find out what awaits you!


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