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Loredana Berté portrays the sea in winter in one of her songs as “a concept that thought does not consider, of something not very modern that no one ever wants”, well, we assure you that this is not the case of Lignano Sabbiadoro at all! 

In fact, during the winter in Lignano Sabbiadoro there is such a magic and mystical atmosphere, in which nature remains the great protagonist. The sand that changes shape according to the wind, the sea that ripples and, far from the scenarios made of dives, baths, boats and pedal boats, you can contemplate the slow movements of the waves and breathe the scent of the sea and the fresh winter air. Go for a walk through the beautiful promenade of Lignano and enjoy the landscape that changes colours and that is almost motionless, waiting to release all its vital energy in the summer to come. 

In December nature is combined with art, to embellish the unique “golden” sand to accentuate the value of its beauty: Lignano Sabbiadoro has been hosting the event of the Sand Nativity for 17 years. From December 4th to January 31st, you will admire a real exhibition of artistic works made with sand and set up near the Terrazza a mare as part of Christmas of the sea, an event full of proposals cultural, shopping and healthy walks!

Enjoy a winter holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro and thus debunk the myth that the sea is attractive only in summer! Lignano is a perfect location in winter too: for a romantic stay, which can also evoke the memories of a past summer and, at the same time, anticipate the desire to return to that sand, with that sea and the beauty of Lignano, without a coat!

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