Valentine’s Day 2022 at Lignano: a lot of romantic offers and things to do

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Valentine's Day 2022 at Lignano

There are plenty of offers and things to do for a romantic Valentine’s weekend in Lignano Sabbiadoro. From romantic walks by the sea to the magic of the characters of Divine Comedy, made with the sand, up to the wide choice of hotels, boasting a Spa, where you can enjoy a day (or more) of pampering with your better half.

Let’s find out together the offers for Saint Valentine’s Day 2022 or for the weekend in Lignano Sabbiadoro!


Lignano Sabbiadoro is the favourite destination of many couples for Saint Valentine’s Day. The perfect location where you can take long walks hand in hand by the sea, which bursts with all its charm even in winter.

From the famous Red Lighthouse, whose colour and position, exactly on the point of Lignano, make it iconic, to the very romantic sunset view from the Terrazza Mare: The Lignano coast offers visitors many routes and panoramic points, where they can take their better half.

Lignano at Valentine's Day 2022

Let’s not forget that, even in the cold season, a walk on the shoreline is able to bring plenty of benefits to the mind and body and, why not, to the couple! Iodine and saltiness perform the function of real natural aerosol, by improving breathing and immediately unblocking your nose. The sea in winter also strengthens the immune system: seawater is, in fact, rich in trace elements and salts that help stimulate immune defences and facilitate extra toxin elimination. Finally, a long walk on the shore improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety, thus helping to enjoy a truly peaceful day with your partner.


Until the end of February, after a romantic walk by the sea, it is possible to admire the “Sand Nativity” in Lignano Sabbiadoro. Now in its 18th edition, this year it is dedicated to the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri and, in particular, to his iconic Divine Comedy. The sand sculptures, modelled by international artists, portray some of the most famous passages of the work: so many love stories depicted, from Dante and Beatrice to Paolo and Francesca.

Sand nativity Lignano Sabbiadoro 2022

The Sand Nativity is by the Terrazza Mare, in via Lungomare Trieste 5 and can be visited on Saturdays from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm and on Sundays from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Free entry, donations welcome. For further information about the Sand Nativity click here.


What better than a Spa Day to rediscover your love and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation together? During Saint Valentine’s weekend 2022 it is possible to book one or more nights at the hotels of the Lignano Holiday Consortium, taking advantage of the exclusive offers and promotions. Click here to discover our best Relax Hotel!

Relaxing weekend at Lignano


In the frenzy of the work weeks, having dinner together turns out to be almost a utopia. February 14th and the following weekend thus becomes the perfect excuse to organize a candlelight dinner. And what could be more romantic than a dinner by the sea? In Lignano Sabbiadoro you will find plenty of top-class restaurants and pubs for all tastes and budgets, as the restaurant Rueda Gaucha, Covo di Punta Faro, Croce del Sud, and Mandi Parentesi Friulana, just to name a few.

Valentine's Day 2022 dinner at Lignano

Are you ready to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day in Lignano Sabbiadoro? We are waiting for you!

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