Where to keep-fit outdoors in Lignano?

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If you are looking for an equipped facility where to keep-fit outdoors in Lignano, just know that you will be spoilt for choice.

Whichever sport you are into, it is impossible not to find in Lignano what is just right for you. Do you like to consistently train every day, or would you rather focus all your energy on a couple of days a week? Or even, you are rarely part of a sporting environment, but on those few occasions when you train, you have willpower in abundance? Fortunately, thanks to the ever-expanding facilities in Lignano, outdoor activities have becoming increasingly popular.

Functional training & Calisthenics

Even in late winter, when Christmas at Sea to love” and all the Christmas events are far behind now, there is always something to do especially for those who want to make the most of the sea breeze and the timid rays of the sun to spend a few hours in the open air while training.

Working out outside is a great way to stay in shape while having fun, especially if you have a feeling with disciplines, such as Calisthenics.

You are still not familiar with it? Then, you need to know that Calisthenics is a bodyweight sport, whose goal is to build muscle without using any weights, barbells, or any other lifting equipment. All the exercises are performed by changing body position with the help of bars, parallel bars, rings, and wall bars. It goes without saying that, in addition to physical strength, you also need to have good mental strength, but at the end of the training, satisfaction is great! 

An advantage of Calisthenics is that it is a sports activity that all ages can enjoy because everybody is free to add intensity or not in its workouts, and what’s more, while you train, you can admire the surrounding landscape. All the facilities, which allow you to keep-fit outdoors in Lignano, have been set up in a strategic position and ensure a beautiful view!

Where to do Calisthenics, or more in general, functional training in Lignano?

  • At the Youth Centre L.HUB Park
  • at the Park between Via Genziana and Via Lungolaguna Trieste (between the beach offices 11 and 13): the first Calisthenics facility in Friuli Venezia Giulia is completely located on the beach.
  • at Hemingway Park
  • at the Municipal Park in via Casabianca, in the Riviera area

Credit must be given to the HUB Park in Piazzale Roma, which also houses a free skate-park (25×50 meters), with pipes and half pipes that allow those who know how to do – or want to learn how to do – a lot of skateboard tricks.

Other outdoor fitness areas 

It goes without saying that, if you wish to train outdoors, you can dedicate yourself to other sports, including running. Every corner of Lignano is suitable for those who wish to run outdoors, but here are 3 places that you absolutely cannot miss:

  • the cycle-pedestrian path that runs alongside via Lungolaguna Trento and that accompanies you for at least 3 km from the dock to the cemetery
  • the Trieste seafront ensures you all the space you need to unwind by running, especially if you leave start from the Marin seafront. More than 4 km along a pedestrian path, overlooking the sea… better than that!
  • you can get from Lignano Sabbiadoro to Lignano Pineta and vice-versa  through the Lungomare Lignano and the Alberto Kechler Lungomare in just 2 km of run. 

These are just three cycle- and pedestrian paths, on which you can run as well as cycle and rollerblade. We assure you, that the experience is worth the effort!  And then, the territory is almost completely flat and at every corner you will find a bar where you can get some refreshment, so, now, you really have no more excuses. The time is ripe for  going out and looking for the place or the structure where you can keep-fit outdoors in Lignano!

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